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  1. Bram
    Bram1 year ago

    QuГ© bueno que ayas vuelto ?

  2. Bat1 year ago

    That example is so hot

  3. Mezimuro
    Mezimuro1 year ago

    Sirfrancisbaked, you are the man! I have been attempting to get it from another source but could not.

  4. Kazijora1 year ago

    This may be true in the UK. Here in America, it's all business. Fully paid staff.with full benefits (pastor, asst. pastor, music director, secretaries, activities director, youth director, nursery, etc). Many pastors live in brick homes, drive nice cars, and take nice vacations.

  5. Dok
    Dok1 year ago

    my wifey next any ideas

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