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Chicken breasts diced tomatoes mozeralla cheese

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  1. Kajiran
    Kajiran9 months ago

    Hold the fuck up did she fart tf

  2. Akinoran9 months ago

    My week was good. Did some errands. And here's the thing. Just on Sunday, I went to Target, and they were doing open interviews that weekend. Now, I did apply to Target as well as GameStop, so I went there to let them know that I applied their, as well. So they told me to sign my name, and wait for the managers to interview me. It was for logistics/stocking. And the craziest thing is, after just two interviews, I met with the H.R. manager, and the lady handed me some paperwork. I was confused and asked, So wait a minute, I got the job? She told me yes.And I was like, Huh? but afterwards I was like Okay, then . So I'm working seasonal at Target now. And I'm to orientation on Monday at 1 p.m. Also, they're paying 12 dollars an hour, so I had to at least try to work there.

  3. Samuzragore9 months ago

    That might be the best movie I've ever seen.

  4. JoJogor
    JoJogor9 months ago

    I'm glad you loved it. I will work on the music selection for next time. :)

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